13 Margaret st, Palmwoods, Sunshine Coast, QLD, 4555


Come and meet our Caring, Conscientious, Creative Crew of Friendly, Experienced and  Professional Female and Male  Artists.  Ingenious, versatile and  efficient with graphic design  applications to help you custom  create your tattoo masterpiece.  
Along with a high regard to safe and sterile procedures - Modern high quality equipment,  products and techniques - VEGAN friendly inks.   

Contact Us - 07 5445 9826

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Arrange a FREE consult to discuss your ideas further in person.

Cosmic Ink Tattoo Studio

13 Margaret Street, Palmwoods, Queensland 4555, Australia


Usually we are open  
Most days from;

10am to 5pm

LATE or Earlier sessions are available by appointment only.   Private rooms Available.
These days and times may vary depending on availability of artists.

Please contact us to arrange a booking time or organise a Free consultation appointment to discuss your ideas further in person.

13 Margaret st, Palmwoods, QLD, 4555

Located in the heart of the beautiful
Sunshine Coast Hinterland.  
In the same complex as the  
Palmwoods Post Office.  

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COSMIC INK Tattoo Studio
13 Margaret st, Sunshine Coast Palmwoods Queensland  Australia

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